Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Indulge me

My daughter Holly graduated today at Edinburgh University in Chemical Engineering.

Well done Holly we are all so proud of you.  Dad

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Feeling nostalgic over the Olympus OM1n

Saw a tweet from James Estrin the other evening and it brought back memories of my cherished OM1n which lives in a cupboard ten feet from where I am writing this now. I'm going to have to get a roll of FP4 and hit the streets with it.  The picture below was taken with that camera and Zuiko 24mm in 1989 (urgh how long ago?) and shortly after this the skinheads got a little hyper and starting to pretend to 'nut' the camera.  The 'session' finished a wee bit later.  I did send them the promised picture which I printed in the darkroom myself.  Crikey James Estrin what have you started?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Follow up meeting with Caroline

I should be getting used to it now but I'm still surprised as to how warm and open some people can be.  In meeting Caroline and hearing her speak its like tapping into an unknown world. Photographing someone who is so expressive, and just look at the way she is reaching out with her hand here, is a good thing although can present some technical challenges.  This shoot was a short one but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to taking photographs while she performs. For portraits I often like busy and this location was chosen because it had some interesting light going on but most of all for the detail in the background....... can't wait until the next shoot

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Photography gets a reaction - Ashley Gilbertson

Its interesting and quite rare to hear about photographs provoking strong reactions from the public. The curator at one of Diane Arbus' early exhibitions talks about wiping spit from images at the end of each day.

Ashley Gilbertsons exhibition has generated a strong response. From his reaction the work was not presented such that he was encouraging the public to  interact with it in a physical way.  I'm wondering just how far we go to provoke the reaction, response that we all crave.....

I'm also wondering if Gilbertsons work has been enhanced in its meaning through being defaced and shoes being added?  It seems to me the work now has an additional dimension and depth that the photographer had not considered and that it has been enhanced.  Should we then as photographers encourage a physical reaction to our work?

During last years exhibition of photos from my Walled Garden project I took around 60 A4 images of the garden and hung them on bulldog clips on the wall in a group inviting visitors to move the photographs around.  I described it as being representative of the way the garden changed day to day and asked visitors to help me recreate the garden as a backdrop to the portraits of workers shown nearby.  Judging from comments it proved very popular.

Makes me think now, every time, about how we can take a step from emotional, visual engagement to physical to create more impact.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Caroline Bowditch - Scottish Dance Theatre agent for change

Had a first meeting with Caroline yesterday as we set the scene for the next few weeks as she will be the subject of my assignment.  Caroline is a celebrated dancer who had performed for an audience of 700 the night before and who travels the world.  In this shot she is participating in the 'Do Your Thing' weekly dance class.  Here the exercise is about mimicking the movements of your partner.



Over the next few weeks I plan to test out some of the elements of my therapeutic photography approach.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Website now tweaked and up and running

Thanks to great support from my mate Sheila I've now taken big leaps with my website which is much more representative of the type of work I do.  Sheila set it up using Joomla and with a one hour tutorial I've found it very straight forward to get in there and play around with the content.


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Overheard in a camera shop today....

.... its amazing technology the camera won't take the picture unless the person smiles !

Friday, 3 June 2011

Interesting composition

Reviewing some of my recent Downs Syndrome work I came across the image below.  It really made me look twice and I thought that made it interesting.  One things for sure I've never composed an image like this before.  One for the memory bank.