Sunday, 18 September 2011

John the powerlifter and paralympian

Spent this morning in Glasgow at the Venice bodybuilding Gym in Glasgow with John, Sylvia and their amazing coach Stephen.  As John pushed huge weights on the leg press I noticed every now again he would turn his head upwards into the light with the effort, perhaps searching for inspiration.  Telling myself to get ready to click the shutter the next time he did it, he looked up 'click' and here it is.  One more stroke and he'd finished his reps and stepped off the machine.  I nearly missed it...

Compassion is sometimes found in strange places...

Glasgow is a tough city and Glaswegians have a reputation for being hard and uncompromising.  I know I was born there. Yesterday as I took photographs as part of the Downs Syndrome Scotland calendar project I couldn't help but look around me and saw this moving scene.  Here one of the football coaches is seen helping one of the wee players and it was by no means a solitary example.  Stigma then is everywhere and I'm thinking that the impact of scenes like this is magnified when we see something which contradicts prejudices which are so established its like they are beyond contention.

Monday, 12 September 2011

DSS Swimming shoot for 2012 calendar

Very interesting day Saturday - reflections played havoc with autofocus and then condensation on the lenses due to it being highly humid. At one point I'd cleaned the fish eye five times only to realise the condensation was at the back of the lens and not the front.

Jake very kindly allowed me to borrow an underwater housing.  It was tricky to use and of course there isn't much light underwater (Thank you Nikon) . An amazing piece of kit though and with a little more practice... I'd hoped for a shallow end but with it being a competition pool it was 2m deep throughout and so I couldn't steady myself on the bottom and had to tread water between shots. I only used it for 15 mins and the shot below is the one that I was most happy with.

I've seen a draft of the calendar and the design looks complete.  Four more shoots and we should be 'good to go'.  Its nice seeing all this coming together and great to be working with Sarah and Heather at DSS who are making all this happen.