Monday, 24 October 2011

Shock, Guilt, Grief, JOY - Herald Magazine October 2011

Delighted that the Herald Magazine, published in the Herald Newspaper on Saturdays (projected readership of 200,000) printed the article written by journalist Dani Garavelli which included my photographs.  It is the second collaboration we have done.  We've received great feedback and so the article seems to have achieved at least in part what it set out to do in that it is raising awareness and hopefully challenging stigma.  Please click on the lick below to visit my site to read the full article.

                                              Article courtesy of The Herald Magazine

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Blackpool and my thirty year old Olympus OM1n

My dear old Olympus has sat in a cupboard neglected for way too long and its me thats suffered for it.  Two days in Blackpool last week a Zuiko 24mm lens and roll of Ilford HP5. Three photos below.

Check out the 'Comedy Carpet' which has just been opened its astonishing and will become a staple for Street Photography in the future.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cover shot for DSS calendar

Time to start saving your pennies... the Downs Syndrome Scotland calendar has gone to print and I'll post a link here later in the week. The cover photo is shown below.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Calendar shoots finish in Inverurie

Early start yesterday and a drive up to Inverurie near Aberdeen for the final calendar shoot.  Today is all about now getting a selection of images into dropbox so that the final selection can be made and it will then be sent to the designers then printers.  We are on target for printing mid October.  Driving back from the shoot yesterday I felt sad that it had come to end but I'm excited about how the end product will be received.  As the project progressed I felt more and more able to able to apply some of my personal style to the type of images I took, while making sure I had more conventional photographs in the mix too. Downs Syndrome Scotland seem to have taken to the 'other' images as well.    The photo shown here is more of what I like.  Although John and Sylvia are not powerlifting in this image I like them, like the angle, like the layers, like the grain as it was an extreme low light setting.  Its got me thinking about shooting for me and shooting to a brief and I've decided in future that I will only take on projects where I can define the brief from the outset. I realise thats going to mean that I turn projects down but photography is such an important part of me I can't compromise what I do.

Some fresh air now and then its back to my desk for the final stretch...