Saturday, 11 February 2012

Making my way and hoping to make a difference

The last few months has been really helpful in putting my work into perspective for me.  I guess most serious photographers hope for peer recognition and I was the same. I put it down to insecurity and a need to have my ego massaged on a regular basis.  It seems like every third person in the street carries a DSLR now and its easy for that huge population to bypass years of learning and produce exceptional images.  I recently spoke to a friend about it, as her son is a very talented rider, as she considered buying a Nikon 1. (It takes five shots and offers you the 'best' one)

'Its as if tomorrow morning I could wake up, take a pill, and be a championship horse rider is how I described it' for thats how it feels.

I might not know how to put a saddle on a horse but I can still ride as well as anybody else.  Yes the whole thing pissed me off but more because I was fixated on the ability to take photographs rather than the direction me, or my horse, would follow.  I choose what I photograph, I choose the situations I get into and yes the whole experience can continue to be a great one providing I don't focus too much on impressing other photographers. And so being able to take technically great photographs is not enough on its own I'll derive my satisfaction from making a difference.

A few months back Claire, a social worker, wrote to me as she had seen the work I did at the Walled Garden and she spoke in a very moving way about one image in particular and the caption which reminded her of her father.  I was very moved by what she said and sent her the photograph.  This week she emailed me.

'Your print did indeed arrive safely.  Thank you for this.  In fact my sixteen year old son was looking at it only a couple of days ago and commented how much the print of Bill and your accompanying words reminded him of his granddad.  Warming words for me for sure.  

I hope that you are well and life treats you kindly.  

Thank you once again for the most generous gift of a print of Bill.  I feel privileged to hold this print. 

Your work is so very special Graham, I hope the power of your work continues to educate and touch the hearts of many.

Warmest wishes. 


And so in a world full of photographers and surrounded by some much more talented fellow students at the LCC I know now that satisfaction and enjoyment for me is not in being the worlds most famous or talented photographer its about being true to what I believe in, parking my ego and facing outwards to try to educate the world at large.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rethink meets Alex

The pixies had moved in overnight and painted everything grey.  I know the weather forecast said today that everywhere was going to be affected by snow and cloud but as I left the house this morning at 9.30 for the photo shoot with Alex it was headlights and wipers on and that was just to get from the house to the car.  They save a special shade of grey for this part of the world which would make a battleship stand out like a sore thumb.

Available light only works when light is available but Alex had his own remedy for the doom and gloom in the form of his smiles and I'd defy anyone not to be impressed with him. And with Sorin, Lord Innistrad (more on that next time) in the room I didn't dare complain.

Part 1 complete and two and a half of the shots needed for Rethink: Net done. Really looking forward to the next shoot. Thanks Alex.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

8% takes a tangible step forward

Several encouraging calls yesterday and a skype conversation by a publisher about the book led to a sleepless night.  Mind buzzing with ideas and I had to write them all down when I got up this morning.  It feels tangible now and is gaining momentum.  This is moving forward now and I have the concept clear in my head.  Thats a very good thing but it makes me restless when I am not working on it all the time...

Frustrated at lack of contact from the UA Magazine - I think it hit the streets yesterday and included my images and that they are planning to send me a copy but a single line email confirming this would be all thats required. Now my mind is telling me they didn't run them after all.