Saturday, 27 October 2012

Its six percent all the way..

This weekend is wall to wall six percent as I really knuckle down to making the selections for the book and listen to all the recorded audio so that I can add appropriate captions.  Its been a ten hour day already but thankfully my enthusiasm is undimmed.  We met the gallery on Wednesday and the curator was so bowled over with the work he vowed to find space for the launch March 21st which is World Down Syndrome day. Its put the fire back in my belly. Difficult choices to be made over the pics I'll use.  Didn't realise until I'd completed Sylvia's story that it would be 14 pages !! Maybe the 120 - 140 page target isn''t going to be as tough as I thought.

Interviewed and photographed Bryan, Camerons dad on Thursday night and we cried together with the pain and joy of what he had to say.

Pushing back Eve's story as I know the choices there will be so difficult.

Sipping a glass of Scotch and time to shut up shop for the night.  I'll be back at my desk 8am Sunday.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blackpool again

This guy was really happy to chat for a while

Passed these two ladies and had to double back and get a picture

Moriyama Picture show at the Tate Modern

Met with photographer friends Richard and Tracey to attend the Daido Moriyama picture show and left totally inspired. There is such an honesty in his work - in the presence of an understated genius and will  be a day I'll remember for ever. I'll be visiting again in Dec for a couple of hours.

They made me wait but view not too shabby

Choose any twenty from sixty to form a book 'Menu'

Daido Moriyama signs my book no.26

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Carers UK and Katie Steel

I'm doing some photographic work for Carers Uk at the moment and am really enjoying meeting some incredible people. Just spent time with Clare Lally, her partner Derek and the incredible twins Katie and  Holly.  Or as Clare calls them the 'twincesses'.

Clare and Katie October 2012 

Friday, 5 October 2012

To meet Martin Mallett is...

Photography has given me more in my life than I can ever repay. 

To meet Martin Mallet is meet someone who represents the way I wish the world could be.  Warm, caring and someone who can really say he is who he is.  

Can we say that, can you say that ? 

Martin is Martin and that is what is so incredibly wonderful about him.  

Photography has given me more in my life than I can ever repay.

Martin Mallett photographed by Graham Miller for '6%' in September 2012