Saturday, 17 August 2013

New photo from the 'VoF' series

I'm really enjoying 'VoF' and stretching myself by telling a story through association and 'inanimate' objects.  Its also having an impact on my other work around celebrity and I think has helped me move that project, as yet unnamed, on conceptually.

Still always wanting my work to be 'accessible conceptual' (My words).  I want people to have to think to understand what I'm trying to say, to get what I am trying to say and then have the luxury of making their own conclusions after that.  I have a real confidence that by taking this approach the work will not only be more interesting but it will both engage and challenge stigma in a more effective way.

I'm using 'VoF' to really nail down my Indesign skills and I am hoping that I can find a youth culture magazine which will be a good fit for the article. If anyone knows what that mag should be please drop me a line? Thanks :-)  As encouraged by my good friend David McKenna I am writing more but always hope my photographs speak loudest.

This week great as some wonderful contacts made which I hope will really help me work with some of those who have a story that the we need to see. Really looking forward to working again with the Lally family on the 'Nightshift' and possibilities emerging to exhibit 'Six percent' in Prague next year.

Ordering the image for Shape Open 2013 at the Nunnery Gallery in London in October.  Really pleased to hear it will tour. The printer tells me he has a new machine since we did the Walled Garden project and that the results will be even better.  At 1.5m by 1.0 metre and printed on metal I am continuing the theme of challenging celebrity in creating a poster sized image. Just then need to work out how to get it to London?!

This image from 'VoF' is of a crumpled 5 euro note which had fallen from the pocket of a nightclubber.

Copyright as always applies to images, concepts, words. Copyright is claimed for Vestiges of Freedom and VoF.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Photographs of garbage as evidence of the last vestiges of freedom

It’s 6.10 am in Laganas, Zante and I’m wandering the streets trying to beat the brushes and dustpans as I gather ‘evidence of the last vestiges of freedom’. 

Now and again there is the pounding of on-going seismic activity as I walk past the doors of a nightclub and more youngsters stroll out into the street.  Sure some of them are ‘out of their box’ on drink but most are just happy and tired. What strikes me the most is the atmosphere; an inseparable blend of happiness, carefree abandon and camaraderie.   It’s an alien environment to me but I’m trying to see through the stigma created by an approaching middle aged, and stubbornly middle class press, who want to put us all in boxes and never let us out. They define the parameters of our conforming.  They ultimately steal our freedom by telling us what is right and what is wrong.  Every few days they tell us that what happens in the nightclubs of Laganas or Ibiza is both wrong and very ugly. This is life living on the edge, its not without risks but it’s a choice.

There’s a state of the art ambulance at the side of the street and a fella is being lifted on to a stretcher.  Six or eight others stand in a line beside him concerned. Their making sure that he is ok or as ok as he can be.  And just at that moment the stigma of what we are all told threatens to leak in and blind me from seeing what this really represents.  I could be thinking this is disgusting, stupid and dangerous behaviour, but I’m not.  I’m watching a group of people who are experiencing unhindered freedom for what is possibly the last time. And more specifically I’m thinking how to share what I am thinking and seeing through photographs and words.

To challenge stigma is to see differently.

It won’t be long before all the debris from a night of partying is removed and so I’m collecting whistles, empty soda syphon gas canisters and a crumpled five euro note that’s fallen from a pocket. I reach behind the legs of a local man, who is working on his push bike to pick up a single dusty white carnation wrapped in cellophane, tied up with a ribbon, from the street.  He looks at me as if to say ‘what the….” as I drop it into my carrier bag.  Again stigma attempts to flood in.  ‘Hang on your collecting garbage what will people think’?  I quickly realise, just like the transient population of Laganas, I don’t care what people think right now.  I have something important to say.

Back at the hotel I construct a light cube so that I can photograph each object as a still life.  Removed from the scene I can highlight what these items really represent.  As I sit on the balcony at the hotel, with my camera, it seems important that they should be lit, not by artificial flash but by the islands sunlight, the world’s sunlight.  Away from the street and on a pedestal each of the objects starts to reveal their importance and beauty. Yes it’s garbage and later I’ll be throwing it away but …

An extract from a project entitled ‘Photographs of garbage as evidence of the last vestiges of freedom’.  All content including images, writing and concept are copyright Graham Miller and must NOT be reproduced or adapted in whole or in part without express prior and written permission.  

Copyright will be vigorously protected.  

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Six Percent on sale at Summerhall and the hidden embossing

It was a strange day today - went back to the gallery for the first time since the opening.  Wanted to spend some time there without people around and taking in the exhibition, curated by Antonia Laurence-Allen properly and to read the comments in the visitors book.

There had been some confusion and there were no books in the gallery shop but there are now and it didn't look out of place.  Time will tell if its something that people will want to own and take home with them.

I don't think many people have looked under the dust cover yet ;-)  Leon the printer is very proud about the blind embossing of the photohonesty logo that they did. He prefers it without the dust cover eh ?

I'll be working on a some new extracts for the flipbook on the Photohonesty website as the current version is too light as it was derived from the print file (usually lighter).

Need to put together an image selection for Harry Hardie who is curating the MA show in London in May with my fellow graduates.  Called 'Not Seeing Nothing' I'm really looking forward to participating and hoping that the new friends I have made through Six Percent will be able to come along to the show and meet me.

Been trying to work out if I should try to make Six Percent available on Amazon.  The cost is high as they take a big margin but in terms of spreading the word this could be good thing.  If you feel having the book on Amazon would be a good thing let me know?  It's already on there but no available as I haven't set up an account.

Appears on Amazon as unavailable

Ross has been looking into it - some further thought required.

Here are a few photographs by way of enticing you to come along.

Some of the images in the gallery

Photos of Ruby and Darby - intro by Antonia Laurence-Allen

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summerhall Gallery March 22nd

All in track for the launch. Summerhall have now publicised the event.

Summerhall Gallery announcement

Monday, 11 February 2013

Six Percent Down's Syndrome my photographs their stories new cover design

The cover design has now been finalised and I spoke to proud Mum of Penny who appears on the cover tonight. She is delighted and planning to attend the opening and launch.  All now set for March 21st.

Price of Six Percent is now set at £29.95 with proceeds of the first 500 copies to Down Syndrome Scotland. Books will be available from Down's Syndrome Scotland and Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh for two months starting March 22nd.

The exhibition and book are unique in that they show the realistic ups and downs of life of families with people with Down's Syndrome that are both heartwarming and heartbreaking. 

A number of organisations have expressed in interest in multiple copies.  If you are still interested we'd be very pleased to hear from you so that we can add them to the initial print run as demand is expected to be high.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Six Percent meets Corinne and her mum...

I'm such a fortunate person - I met Corinne last Saturday.  The first photo shoot in series for inclusion in  Six Percent :-)